Our Start

We were part of a pipeline co. that had a few E&P properties in the northern San Juan Basin.


Taking Shape

We became an official “business unit” within the pipeline company.


Eyeing the Future

Our E&P assets were organized further – this time into a subsidiary at our former parent.


Change of Address

Home office moved from Farmington, N.M., to Salt Lake City.


Strategic Decision

Home office moved to Tulsa. Decision made to grow business rather than divest properties.


On the Hunt

First major purchase. Bought acreage in the Jonah Field for more than $100 million. 


Major Player

Outbid the world's No. 2 oil company for a package of Rockies-based natural gas reserves.


Portfolio Strength

Concluded property sales of $950 million in parent company’s financial turnaround.



Initiated the development of purpose-built, high-efficiency rigs via a contract with H&P.


Worldwide Fame

Named Global Hydrocarbon Producer of the Year by Platts.



Acquired Bakken Shale acreage, representing our first oil-focused development. 


WPX Is Born

After a spinoff, we made our start as an independent corporation on Jan. 3, 2012.


Gallup Oil Discovery

WPX discovers oil from the Gallup Sandstone in the southern end of the San Juan Basin.


Permian Basin Entry

WPX acquires RKI Exploration & Production LLC for $2.75 billion.


A Visionary Leader

WPX CEO Rick Muncrief is named Executive of the Year by Oil & Gas Investor magazine.

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oil volumes climbing

Projectedoil Production Growth Chart Hannah3q17

Our very first properties – in the northern San Juan Basin – were part of a pipeline company. 

At the time, we were known as Williams Exploration & Production (or just "WPX" in shorthand).  The abbreviation ultimately stuck and became our name.

In the ’80s and ’90s, the seeds of our E&P company grew through a series of internal organizational moves. In 1995, we actively began to grow the business rather than sell.

In 1998, based on our experience in the San Juan Basin, we shifted our focus toward unconventional plays.

From 2006-10, we participated in the development of more than 7,000 natural gas wells − with as many as 28 drilling rigs deployed. We also entered shale development and diversified our production with oil.

At year-end 2011, we completed a tax-free spinoff from the pipeline company, launching WPX as a stand-alone, publicly traded corporation. 

In 2014, new CEO Rick Muncrief rolled out a plan to vastly increase the company's oil production by the year 2020. Today, we're ahead of schedule.

Since Rick's arrival from Continental Resources, we have completed more than $7 billion in acqusitions and divestitures to transform the company.


In summer 2015, WPX made a bold $2.75 billion move into the Permian Basin, gaining a new flagship asset with decades of future drilling in arguably the world's best oil play.


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Our reserves at YE 2016 were 51% crude oil, 35% natural gas and 14% NGLs.



WPX is building a new identity as a Permian producer. Shifting to more oil development is a defining moment for the future of WPX.



In addition to a 401k match, WPX also makes annual contributions to employee 401k accounts ranging from 6-8% of salary based on age.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic Fracturing

We were one of the first producers to voluntarily disclose details about hydraulic fracturing.

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Congratulations to Kelsey Robin, who's going to lead our 2018 United Way campaign that takes place in September. WPX has raised $2.5 million for the United Way over the past 6 years.
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