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Through our innovative water management practices in the piceance, we’ve been able to Treat and reuse the same water for five years.


WPX typically handles more water in the Piceance Basin than anywhere else we operate. This involves water and fluids for drilling and fracking, as well as produced water from more than 4,700 natural gas wells. So how are we doing? The quantitative data tells the compelling story behind a 99.9% success rate.



We support the reuse and recycling of water used in oil and gas operations where possible. In fact, we have an economic incentive to recycle the water we use to frack wells.


When WPX Energy developed 87 natural gas wells from 14 pads at Hayes Gulch east of Parachute, Colo., it made use of one centralized facility to hydraulically fracture all the wells from a single location, rather than setting up fracking operations on each pad.

Caring for Water Quality

We’re passionate about what we do and how we do it. The Bureau of Land Management and the New Mexico Game and Fish Commission concur. Both recognized our contributions to fish habitat and water quality improvements in the San Juan River.

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We Are WPX

We Are WPX

Learn more about us, our history and our values. At WPX, we’re inspired, involved and determined.



WPX has reduced cycle times in the Williston Basin by more than 30% since we entered the Bakken Shale oil play.

Our Values

Our Values

We’re passionate about what we do and how we do it. Our can-do attitude comes from our integrity and work ethic.

Our Innovations

Our Innovations

Learn more about some of our innovative technologies – like the split rigs we developed to access tight, narrow canyons in Western Colorado.

WPX: A Bias For Action

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Kelsey Robin is going to lead our 2018 United Way campaign. $WPX employees have raised $2.5 million for the United…
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Congratulations to Kelsey Robin, who's going to lead our 2018 United Way campaign that takes place in September. WPX has raised $2.5 million for the United Way over the past 6 years.
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A $5 billion turnaround story

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